these boots are made for walking

By January 31, 2006Site-news

I just received 50 pics of Nat attending a Knicks-Lakers basketball game. Here are a few of my favourites. The rest will come when Melody sets up the gallery.


A big thanks to Aurora.

This is one of my all time favourite pub appearances (aside from the boots). A 9.99 on the cuteness scale.

The rest later.


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  • Jeroen says:

    God Damn, she looks awesome.

    Pics of Nat having fun > all

  • Thea says:

    Why you guys don’t like her new boots? I think that they are really cute and i would like to have just the same…tell me just one reason why you don’t like them?

    She is really cute on this new pics and i still love love love her hair.

  • better man says:

    well..she’s beautiful! : ))
    very nice pics! i’m waiting the rest of 40 ; )

  • langham says:

    hey all story time. I play drums for a band in NYC called MERE ( check it out. anywho, were showcaseing this week and I had some time to kill, thought I would hit a museum to see an exiib. I heard about. well, one thing led to another and I never made it. Guess who did? Yes that’s right! Missed Miss. Natalie by a beat. Moral: always finish what you start!
    take care,

  • nicole414 says:

    So cute!!!

  • Alana says:

    wow she looks so cute! thanks Dazza. I agree with you, they’re one of my favorite public appearance pics of her as well. and those boots are strange (they must be vegetarian boots or something). but she looks adorable in anything 🙂

  • stfu says:

    vegetarian boots..? would that be boots that don’t eat meat?

    those boots do look bad, though. i wish she’s just stick with converse or something.

  • buzzkiller says:

    Holy cow, I don’t think I’ve seen her this attractive in a looooong while. Wow, simply amazing. (and I like the boots).

  • joits says:

    I agree cute pics. There was probably a lot of celebs that night as it is the Laker’s only appearance in New York this season. People are definitely coming out to see Kobe. Too bad the Knicks had to play one of the their worst games ever…

  • toycanon says:

    Hey man, I have no problem with the boots. Go boots!

  • toycanon says:

    Is that Gael García Bernal sitting beside her? I think she can do better.

  • JenR1215 says:

    I wander if she’s cold… hmmm… 😉

  • mckjay13 says:

    one word. BOOTS! BOOTS! BOOTS! Those boots make me depressed. Nat has such an amzing fashion sense. Why the boots!

  • rafa says:

    I hate knicks and lakers

    i hate her boots i wonder if she has another shoes.
    her new look is not good
    for my scale is only a 3 but what, she is natalie.

  • ARdeN LyN says:

    I can’t believe the only animal-friendly knee boots are Wellingtons. Come on, rubber boots, Nat? *shakes head* At least find something with a shape!

    She does look adorable, though. She looks a lot like my friend and this length of hair REALLY suits her. Never thought I’d say that, but does this girl EVER look bad?

  • Chaddyboy says:

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like trinity from the matrix?