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By November 28, 2014Site-news

It’s time for a new poll and it could only be about the news of Natalie’s potential involvement in Jobs. The subject is that of the director, Danny Boyle.

As for the V For Vendetta poll, as much as it baffles me, there is no denying how beloved it is by most Natalie fans. A Cakewalk.



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  • Ashley says:

    I vote you again favorite actress

  • Nannina says:

    You know there’s something about Danny Boyle’s films that I can’t connect with. I don’t dislike him, but the only one of his films that I truly loved was Millions which was pretty atypical for him. I can’t really see him directing a Steve Jobs biopic… actually I’m a little intrigued just because I have no idea what he will do with the material.

  • Stanley Krise says:

    This give her chance to shine I feel like! I like most of Danny Boyles movies. Just not a fan of cut off arms, even if based on a true story. James Franco funny though and makes a bad guy you kinda want see win. Anyways as long as she does not loose lymes (the only crappy part of Empire Strikes Back) and hopefully not die I’ll like it! P.S. I hope I keep my lymes!