Haven’t got time now but there will be a big update tomorrow. Seeya then.


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  • Muff says:

    The SNL was absolutely fascinating, even the Jeff episode, the big glass Nat’s face was viewed through although quite frightening, but the blowing of the melted icecream, humourous none the less. But hands down the rap was brilliant, stunningly caught off guard, and if there were anyway to download it, i would love to have that as a ring tone, so if anyone has any idea how to come about that, please post. Thanks for all who post, the inside information as well as updates are appreciated.

  • clone says:

    hey dazza, here’ssomething for everyone to think about natalie.

    on http://www.fhm.com.au, people can vote for natalie portman as one of the top 100 woman in the world, and if alot of votes get voted for natalie, she might become number 1, so get voting and you might win a prize too.