the dude abides

Not only are they some of the best pics yet but Becca has sent in scans of the article and it’s possibly the best article I’ve ever read about Nat. Lots of interesting new facts.

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Page 2
Page 3
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Page 5

She loves The Big Lebowski. I can die happy now.

And Becca also sent in a better scan of that last sexy pic.

So ends another great day for Nat fans.

PS – Anyone ever used Acronis True Image? My HD is dying (again) so I’ve used that program to back up the image of my primary HD to my secondary HD. The idea is, once the primary HD dies and I painfully fork out on another HD, I’ll be able to completely restore everything. So programs and games will be just like they were without having to reinstall everything.

But I’d like to hear from someone who has actually done it.