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Once again, the news is pouring in and I’m just trying to keep my head above water. I can’t post everything that’s out there because it’d take all day and the important stuff would be looked over.

So let’s get cracking.

Trish says that Natalie will be appearing on Good Morning America TODAY! A lot of people are gonna miss this so hopefully someone will be able to encode it. Hopefully this isn’t too late.

And Trenton has another tv appearance to look out for today.

Watch daily download tomorrow afternoon @ 5pm EST on the “FUSE TV Network”

natalie portman and other castmembers from “V FOR VENDETTA” will be on co-hosting.

Nixonmustang found another interesting article/interview at the NYPost.

Roger F is working on the heroic task of merging the two page spread from Vanity Fair Phwoar!

Melody has update the Vanity Fair gallery and added one for the NYC V Press Conference.

Martina sent in a scan from lo Donna, an Italian Magazine.

Chloie sent in some more pics from a Candid gallery where we previously only had one pic.

London 1
London 2
London 3
London 4
London 5
London 6

Gotta run. Back with more later.


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