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Things have finally started to calm down a bit. I was even able to play a game today (Oblivion!). Nice to have a bit of a breather before the Magorium, Goya and Paris Je T’aime rollercoasters begin.

Whoops, I spoke to soon. Sonoyta just found some pics of Nat on the set of Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which is filming in Toronto.


Do you know of a channel called G4? If so, you can check out V for Vendetta: Behind the Mask tonight. Is that the same show that was on VH1? Anyway, here are the details. Thanks to John for that and for…

This streaming video feature with the cast of V and featuring some nice behind the scene footage (Hugo rubs Nats head).

If you’ve already seen V for Vendetta you might want to check out the script. I don’t believe it’s the final shooting script tho. Thanks to Jiin.

Kris (yes our Kris) let me know that Nat is Maxim’s Girl of the Day. I’m sure he was just checking the site for it’s pretty colour scheme.

TeenVogue asks if Nat’s premiere dress was Hit or Miss. I’m a little undecided myself. From the waist up she’s perfect. But from the hips down… Thanks to Melmatming10123.

And E! Fashion Police were also not too impressed. Thanks to Rafa.

And finally, Sak sent in a link to a greek page with links to two videos. The premiere and the press conference in London.

That’s it for now.


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  • Bloody Fork says:

    It kind of looks like a trash bag, but I do agree that waist up = HELL YEAH!


  • Lola says:

    Oh she’s in toronto right now?!! Where do you think shes filming, i live here, i might actually see her! Tell me plz!

  • menoichius says:

    so, what do you think of oblivion so far?

  • clone says:

    hey dazza I just found out from the offical toronto sight that natalie will be there from the 27th of march till june 6th this year.

    All I did was went to, entered toronto, and then clicked on the offical sight link.

    on the offical sight home page, i entered natalie portman in the search section a 2 topics showed up, one about natalie being a top vegietarian, the other the thing I mentioned first.

  • flash_smb says:

    DAZZA- G4 is a video game channel. Although it shifts from video games to The Guy Show to weird cartoons, it used to mainly be for VG’s. It’s on in the US, but i dont know if any outside countries get it

  • flash_smb says:

    Woops, i meant the Man Show

  • JenR1215 says:

    That V script is a HELL OF A LOT more like the comic.

    That really pisses me off that they changed so much. The only thing i dont like abou the script is that Gordan’s not in it.. but Rose is, and not in the movie..

    I guess, u cant always get what u want… Still tix me off tho, that they changed so much shit.

  • mathildathepro says:

    Nat will be on ABC’s Nightline Friday giving her brain a workout on the many wonders of terrorism. I wonder what she dreams about with all that book smarts she’s got upstairs.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I didn’t know of the channel G4 until I read about it on here, so I don’t get it where I live. I did not see any V specials on VH1, just the one on the Sci-Fi channel that I mentioned in the last thread, and the title sounds very familiar. If it is the same one I saw, it’s seeing agian. It would be great if someone could get a copy of this one of course ;).


  • Jiin says:

    Nope, sorry it’s not the final script. I just found out it was a rough draft of it.

  • tito says:

    That script is more like the novel… but still has differences.

    I was a bit annoyed that the movie was so different than the novel, but I watched it again yesterday and still, it is an amazing movie.

    one of my favorite parts of the novel which I wish they kept in the movie was
    SPOILER: Near the end when Evey takes off V’s mask his body in a bunch of possible scenarios and sees different faces, and the last face she sees is her own.
    I also wish she wore the outfit in the movie :/

    Still… the movie was amazing.

  • Bloody Fork says:

    Nat On ABC’s Nightline tonight like mathildathepro said, here is a preview video:

  • toddvb says:


    I saw Nat at the 1st Coldplay Concert Wednesday (Mar22) at Toronto’s ACC. She was with 2 other people and seemed to be enjoying herself. She left right before the honcor. Coldplay are filming the 2 concert shows for a future DVD release. it was a good show and seeing Nat was an added bonus!!!!!

    Todd V

  • Dazza says:

    Oblivion is rocking 😛