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As promised, we’ve got an editorial up for V for Vendetta thoughts. If you haven’t seen the film yet, STAY AWAY. Right now its just Kris and my thoughts but if you want to have yours heard, send them to me and we’ll add them.

I also promised a V poll and here it is.

And these were the results of the previous poll.

Which of these was your favourite TV appearance?

I dunno 26.31% (241 votes)

The Daily Show 23.58% (216 votes)

Letterman 20.74% (190 votes)

Charlie Rose 12.45% (114 votes)

MTV 7.53% (69 votes)

TRL 6.22% (57 votes)

Good Morning America 2.18% (20 votes)

The estimates for V’s second weekend take are in and it didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped. It’s still going to make a lot of money but it won’t get to $100 million.

As we thought, Nat was on Nightline. You can head over here to see a brief writeup with some quotes as well as a link to a 1 min glimpse of her on the show. Did anyone get the whole thing? Anyone able to encode it for us? Thanks to JR.

Todd was at the Coldplay concert in Toronto last week and had a Nat sighting.

I saw Nat at the 1st Coldplay Concert Wednesday (Mar22) at Toronto’s ACC. She was with 2 other people and seemed to be enjoying herself. She left right before the honcor. Coldplay are filming the 2 concert shows for a future DVD release. it was a good show and seeing Nat was an added bonus!!!!!

Even a Nat appearance wouldn’t be enough of a perk for me to get a Coldplay concert DVD.

Chloie found some new and cleared pics of Nat on the set of Mr Magorium. Is that her gangsta rap jacket?


And Rui sent in a scan of Nat from a Portuguese newspaper.

And finally, a bit of fanart.

Michael sent in a bunch of varied and interesting stuff.


While Jack made some word art, which uses the “100 most used words on np.com”. I clearly don’t talk about myself nearly enough. Dazza dazza dazza.



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