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Kris has finally updated the pic battle and added the first batch of V for Vendetta reviews to the editorial.

Let’s kick things off with a couple more Magorium set pics from Chloie.


In V news, its still clinging onto second spot in the charts and with an 8.1 user rating on the IMDB, it’s currently 237th most liked movie of all time.

Speaking of V, we’ve put up G4’s Behind the Mask show. Thanks to Bloody Fork. I think its the reason why the site is so slow again. If you can wait a few weeks till you get it, that’d be great. If not, try to get it from here first. If you really must have it and the other link isn’t working, here’s our link.

Sorry about the forbidden fruit thing but the server really is taking a battering.

Recutting film trailers to appear like they’re a different genre has become very popular. This isn’t the best that I’ve seen but it’s still really funny. Thanks to Vortex.

Garden State Redux

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll be back with the pic battle and editorial updates soon.

Just a little request before I go. If you happen to have an mp3 to amr (ringtone file) converter and can covert the following song snippets so I can use them as ringtones on my phone, I’d be MUCH obliged.



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  • clone says:

    It’s good that your always keeping an eye out on natalie in canada, but I also found some pictures and articles on natalie in these 3 aussie magazines:
    1.New Idea
    2.Womans Day
    3.New Weekly

    plus in the womans day, there’s a puzzle to solve and chance to win $1000.00 if you can solve the answer with all the names of natalie’s films, even garden state is one of them.

    V has just started today in’s going great, cause now the poeple of australia are going to do the same thing the people did in V to John Howard, the foney priminerster of australia, and I know natalie doesnt like him eather, cause he works with Bush ,who natalie doesnt like.

    I watched those sights, and there great, and I was wondering dazza, where’s those 2 articles I emailed to this sight yesterday?

  • suus says:

    id you guys notice the ichtus fish on her black back, or am I wrong?

  • Jeroen says:

    Tonight is the night.

  • villefort says:

    I don’t know how to send in “fan art”… it’s pencil drawings that are as good as the best ones you’ve got. My email address is I’d appreciate it if you could let me know how to do such things. (sorry about posting this request)

  • v4v says:

    just watched V For Vendetta tonight here in Australia…..and I loved it, Nat is superb!!!

  • dazza says:

    Just email me with the sketches as JPEG attachments.