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Ok, lets get to it.

It seems that Paris Je T’aime WILL premiere at Cannes tomorrow but the shorts from Christoffer Boe and Rafaël Nadjari have been cut. This is great news and I can’t wait to hear what the reviews have to say. Thanks to Herzwerk.

Salvador got his hands on the Free Zone DVD and sent in his thoughts on the extras.

I received my copy of the Free Zone DVD today and I thought you’d like to read about the extras.

– Introduction to the movie by Amos Gitaï at the Festival of
I skipped this one LOL, it was basically Amos Gitai speaking over the
phone in French which I didn’t understand.

– Preparation of the opening scene
Not what I was expecting. This is pretty much exactly what you see during the opening scene, except you can hear the director telling both Natalie and Hanna what to say and do.

– Interviews of Hanna Laslo, Hiam Abbass and Natalie Portman
Three interconnected interviews. Natalie talks about her interest in being in the film, how she loved all the places they filmed in, and how it was a completely different way of working than she was used to. There’s an interesting moment towards the end, when Natalie is replying to one of the interviewer’s questions and there is suddenly a power outage of some sort. The camera lingers on Nat as she waits.

The annoying lingering cross-fades that are all over the film are
unfortunately also part of the interviews.

– Trailers
Trailers for Free Zone and some other movies.

Here is a new poll about the V for Vendetta DVD and here are the results of the previous poll…

What should we do if things get quiet in Natworld again?

Photoshop contests 28.26% (232 votes)

Some written comedy like we used to do 23.63% (194 votes)

Sing campfire songs 19.12% (157 votes)

Caption contests 14.62% (120 votes)

Post more snippets from the Magoriums script 7.06% (58 votes)

Come up with some new editorials 6.58% (54 votes)

I’ll have to see what we can do regarding the two top choices.


Forgot to mention that Dave Poland has done his first Oscar column and Goya is currently his 7th top pick in the best picture race.

Sally sent in a new old pic from the NY Garden State premiere.

Twig found a cute little Nat quote in a Jean Reno Stuff interview.

Q: Speaking of The Professional, did you have any idea that Natalie Portman would grow up to be such a woman?
A: Not really, but I knew that she was a good person and very talented and focused on being somebody.
Q: So are you able to recognize how hot she is now?
A: No. (laughs) She was a very, very little girl — 11 and a half.

Eric is selling his Padme Pepsi for charity. Click here to find out more.

And now for a truckload of fanart.

Hugo made these lovely paintings.


Helena sent in a drawing of Nat.

Eagle sent in this collage wallpaper.

And let’s end the day with some more avatars.

Here is Irina.

And here is Celina.

Very nice girls, altho I think we’ve all got enough avatars now.


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  • Sparta says:

    Those are really good avatars, how bout a butt load of Wallpapers now?

  • nixonmustang says:
    “That was just completely overwhelming,” Natalie Portman said of her first experience on the Cannes red carpet at last year’s festival for “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.”

    “I’ve never seen so many photographers and fans. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said Portman, who co-stars in this year’s Cannes entry “Paris, I Love You,” a collection of 20 short films set in the French capital from such directors as Gus Van Sant, Alexander Payne, Alfonso Cuaron, Wes Craven and Joel and Ethan Coen….

    [Of course, Natalie must avoid Al Gore and eating dust (from Ron Howard)]

  • dazza says:

    I’ve actually got something like 25 more wallpapers from Tara. I’ll probably put them up tomorrow.

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    Nice art work from Hugo. An excellent drawing from Helena.

  • Sparta says:

    Cool, I’ll be waiting for the butt load of Wallpapers tomorrow.

    How bout some signatures to match the avatars, specifically the one on the bottom left with the stars, hehe.

  • JenR1215 says:

    I adore Jean Reno, I cant WAIT to see the Da Vinci Code this week. Im s excited, becuase I get both of my French actors in it. WOOT!

    God bless you people who can make such wonderful avas, lol.

    GREAT JOB on the artworks! I love anyone who can paint/draw a face and it still look like the same person. (i need to practice on the lips and nose)

  • Bloody Fork says:

    NO! I want more avatars now!!!!! Just kidding, good job though.

  • NSX-R says:

    I don’t understand the Jean Reno quote. Can anyone explain?

  • tunis says:

    Man, fanart is GREAT. i like especially helena’s work. great job =) ok =) that’s it. make that photoshop contest soon! =)

  • Sak says:

    Fanart is indeed compensating for it’s previous lack. Great job people.