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Still looking for some more proper Paris Je T’aime reviews. If you spot any, let me know.

For now, there is a post on the IMDB from someone who saw it at Cannes and really liked it.

Tom Tykwer made a very sweet and very Run-Lola-Run esque segment with natalie portman being better than I’ve ever seen her

And Jeff Wells called it “the surprisingly spritzy anthology film Paris Je’taime”…I think thats a good thing.

And here is an article about the producers fight over those 2 dropped segments from Paris. Thanks to Donald.

Time for a Paris Je T’aime poll, dontcha think?

Here are the results of our V for Vendetta DVD poll.

Will you be getting the Vendetta DVD?

Definitely 67.66% (364 votes)

Just a rental 14.31% (77 votes)

I don’t think so 10.78% (58 votes)

I’ll wait for a more stacked definitive edition 6.88% (37 votes)

Warner Brothers loves 68% of you.

Its been awhile since we had some new project news so enjoy this Henry VIII rumour. Keira more popular than Nat…hmmm…even if true, that might be a good thing. Thanks to Amo.

And finally, Boaz wanted to let the world know that he’s interviewed Natalie (twice!) and you can see his V for Vendetta interview over here.

How much do we hate him? 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more goodies.


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  • tito says:

    The IMDb message boards seem to be run by junior high school students. I don’t trust those things when people go around when there is a huge thread talking about how controversial Poseidon was because a guy died when he fell down an elevator shaft.

  • dazza says:

    Its the same with any board really. You’ll get good people and morons and the morons will shout loudest and get the most attention.

  • MichelAlexander says:

    Hi there! Long time visitor, very new poster. Love the site!

    Anyway, about Keira being more popular than Natalie:
    I happen to love them both. I’m in the process of buying every movie they are in. I personally think both are very good actresses.

    Greatings from the Netherlands!

  • maiscedu says:

    There’s something about Keira’s mouth that deeply irritates me, but I like her, Pride and Prejudice is a smashing film and she has the most perfect accent I have ever seen.

    I believe she’s as popular as Nat, no more no less, both are young and are making a great career… There’s no way to compare.

  • Bloody Fork says:

    Sweet, she got sucked out by a vacuum.

  • cata says:

    I’ve just read about a possibility of Natalie playing the role af Anne Boleyn in Henry VIII….NO….I DEFINITELY don’t like the idea of seeing Natalie´s head being chopped off….. i have nothing against Keira, but better be hers.

  • dittygrain says:

    I really hope Natalie agrees to play Mary in “The Other Boleyn”. It was an awesome book and I think she could potray this character really well. Besides, she and Keira still look enough alike to be sisters.

  • clone says:

    I think the interview was good, and I also found out that on you can now pre-order it before the 9th of Augest, which is when it comes out.

    dont beleive me dazza, check the sight and go to coming soon.I already pre-orded mine in an ezydvd store.

  • Nannina says:

    One thing is that Natalie really would have to work very hard on her accent if she got a part in the Henry the VIII movie. Her accent got her through V for Vendetta, but that was a futuristic action adventure from a comic book. She would need to be much better for a historical movie.

    I like both Keira and Natalie, but Keira has been disappointing me lately. In 2003 I thought she had tremendous potential, but since then I think her choices have been less than stellar… we shall see.

  • Gordan99 says:

    Hey! I’ve been a Nat fan for ages, and have visited this site for quite a while now.
    One thing that I would like to see is the inclusion of an RSS feed. Would that be possible?

  • v4v says:

    wow you pre-ordered yours from ezydvd already………….i’m gonna wait till i find out whether they’re selling the 2 disc or the one disc or (probably) both…………….so far it only looks like they’re selling the one disc