Charlie Awards 2014 – Best Public Appearance

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Charlie Awards

For those new to the site, at the beginning of every year we do a special kind of poll in which you Natalie fans can vote for the most memorable moments of the year just passed. 2014 was quite a challenge in this regard, but we’re going to do our best. The first category up for the vote is Best Public Appearance. Please click the thumbnails to take a good look at the gallery, before deciding on your favourite.

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 255

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  • Kenneth Litgov says:

    Well, I chose the light blue dress as a favourite. Natalie looks casual and content in this simple outfit 🙂

  • Jason says:

    How do I select my choice? Touching the pictures just takes me to the gallery.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Actually some pretty tough choices! It drives me crazy when a dress looks great in one photo but the hair and makeup not so much, or vice-versa. Having a hard time choosing between 1 and 2. Love the hair in 5…I wish it was like that in 1, instead of that messy look she has going on. And the dress in 2 is adorable and the hair and makeup really work with it. It would be nice if we’d been able to see a few more pictures of it though. Dress 1 is too long on her as well, which looks kinda tacky (I know she’s short, and I know what it’s like to be even shorter than her, but unless she threw that dress on at the last minute I don’t see why she couldn’t have gone to a tailor). I think my ramble here has helped me make a decision. Thanks for listening to me think out loud! 😉

  • Jason says:

    I think I need glasses. I didn’t see the circles at first. Anyways I see them now and I voted. Thanks for your help Dazza.