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I did an update earlier but I’ll be damned if I know where it went. Don’t have much time now but here are the important bits.

Chloie found some new pics of Nat out and about in NY.


And I put up a new poll so go vote.

Here are the results of the previous poll.

Will you be seeing Paris Je T’aime when its released?

Absolutely 48.89% (287 votes)

I’m not sure yet 21.64% (127 votes)

Yes, but just for the Nat segment 18.06% (106 votes)

There’s just 7 minutes of Nat, right? No thanks 6.3% (37 votes)

Nope, sounds a bit too arty 4.26% (25 votes)

I’ll be back with the rest when I can.


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  • shelley says:

    thank you very much dazza!

  • magpi312 says:

    Any info on the Paris Je T’aime release in america? I cant find anything on Moviefone or any sites. Help!

  • tunis says:

    Nat looks quite pissed off on that last pic, doesn’t she? and her friend or cousin or whoever, really isn’t trying to look good… anyway, those pics are ok. 😉

  • marieMJS says:

    ahaha I thought you would post about the crazy rumor too… Dont know about these two, but it definitely makes the paps and magazines happy…


  • maiscedu says:

    Bloody hell, where is Gael? Their lives must be restricted to a place far away from civilization…

    About Mr. Magorium, I think we should care less, til november 2007 we propably will see a lot of Nat stuff. We’ve got 2 excellent films coming and she might win the Oscar, so don’t feel so sad… and I’m sure we can expect a great film (Nat + Dustin Hoffman, such a nice thing)…

  • clone says:

    where is she in new york?

    Also dazza did you see those pictures of natalie with natalie fans on the star wars sight?

    natalie might attend celebration 4 next year I hope, or maybe force five in australia for the star wars 30th anniversery.