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This could be my last update before Sanjiro cracks into Portmania mode. As he mentioned, any portmania or Nat birthday fanart would be great. You can send it to me as always.

Alright, lets get cracking.

A few days ago I asked you guys to decide what the next poll should be. Here are the results.

What should the next poll be about?

Gauge Nat naked buzz 45.53% (290 votes)

Gauge Nat and Jake buzz 26.06% (166 votes)

Gauge Goya buzz 10.68% (68 votes)

Gauge reaction to the atrocities in Darfur…buzz 8.95% (57 votes)

Gauge Blueberry Nights buzz 7.38% (47 votes)

There we have it. The penises have spoken!

So here is the new poll.

Amo found a very interesting article on the Nat – Jake “relationship”. A must read for those of you interested in Nat’s love life.

Now for some updates on the V dvd.

You can view the back of the 2 disc edition DVD over here and IGN has a rundown of both editions over here. Interesting to note that the SNL rap will be an easter egg on the 2 disc edition. Thanks to Josh, Padme058 and Orionsaint.

Speaking of V, for those of you who haven’t read the novel, wikipedia has a great breakdown of the changes between film and novel.

A Young Nat Fan sent in some great new old pics from the old days.

Four – Utterly glorious
Path to fame caps
Old pic now in colour

And finally, a bit of fanart.

Matt kicks things off with a lovely drawing.

Swee sent in this great wallpaper.

Lyra added some captions to that great Jake-Nat pic.

And lastly, another wallpaper from Dante.

Thanks everyone and I’ll see ya in a week. Have a great Portmania.