for real


This update is scientifically designed to start the week on the right foot. We had to do a lot of animal testing to make this update possible. So you better, like, enjoy it. And stuff.

Lets start with some ass kicking new Paris Je T’aime photos. A big thanks to Xmooth.

Smoke kills! And so does that pose. Yow!
Pigtails, despite being burdened with that awful name, rule
She can smile
She can not smile. What versatility!
Nature becomes out of focus in the presence of Nat. Fact!
Nat reads “I am a douche: The autobiography of Clone” while Melchior takes of a sip of “Shutup Clone”
Melchior is thinking about sex
They’re having shadow sex

Here are the results of the Portmania poll.

Which best describes your feelings on PORTMANIA?

I want MORE LOVE. 42.28% (241 votes)

Where’s Charlie the Nat Dog? This Is Outrageous! I want Nat Dog! 31.05% (177 votes)

I want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life, baby, baby, I want something else not listening when you say goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 16.84% (96 votes)

I want Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits volume III. 9.47% (54 votes)

And since there’s a nice little pregnancy debate in the comments section, I thought that would make a good poll. I was actually creeping myself out in putting the poll together so instead of a poll about it, a poll about whether we should do a poll about it.

Those of you in Oz (the country, not the prison) can purchase a special collectors tin of V for Vendetta on DVD. Not entirely sure why you’d want to though…maybe if you always wished you could store your DVDs in the toolshed. Thanks to Andrew.

Despite an eye witness account of Nat and Gael being all kissy kissy in Paris, Nat and Jake are couple of the week! Thanks to Cucak.

Matt has done a totally scientific study of Nat vs Keira. We’ll ignore the fact that its entirely subjective because Nat wins. Hurrah!

And finally, some fanart.

Nils sent in a Sin City inspired wallpaper.

And Melisande sent in these cool wallpapers.


Take that, monday.