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For those of you upset at the recent Goyas news, there is a beacon of light. Sanjiro is putting together a naked calendar for 2007, which will, I’m sure, go a long way to easing the hurt.

Lets start with the first (I think) DVD review of V for Vendetta. Click here for IGN’s take. Thanks to Orionsaint.


For some reason the IGN review has been removed from their site. I’ll leave the link its case its just a temporary problem.

Some of you have been wondering when Goya’s Ghosts will be hitting screens. As far as I know, it’ll be out around Oct/Nov and Manu says that this site has a specific date for Spain – November 10.

Luc Besson is clearly going to love Mathilda if this little article is anything to go by.

Acclaimed French film-maker LUC BESSON has ruled out a sequel to hit movie LEON in a bid to end the countless script offers he’s received. The director has been flooded with possible follow-ups to the 1994 smash starring JEAN RENO and a young NATALIE PORTMAN but insists they’ve only served to put him off the project for good. He says, “No, I don’t think so. “People say ‘Oh, I’ve written the sequel – here! I’ll send you the script.’ And I basically send a lawyer and say ‘F*** you! It’s not yours’. It’s not love. It’s stealing. These guys are just thieves that’s all. “If we do a sequel, I will write the sequel. I don’t need anyone.”

Yikes. Thanks to Lurking.

And speaking of Leon, Anne Hathaway mentions the film and Natalie in this interview. Thanks to Christian.

Thanks again to Lurking for finding this little article about Jake and Nat from Eonline.

Natalie Portman & Jake Gyllenhaal: Not!
Why? Though the brawny bro has been hangin’ around Natty for a while now, from beach-bummin’ strolls to lunchin’ in New Yawk, flowers in tow, there ain’t nothin’ bloomin’ there! The all-American humdrums have been good friends for several years, even tracing back to the start of the on-again, off-again Dunst days. Besides, Jakie-boy’s heart is taken, and not by N.P.

Shelf-Life: Doomed ‘n’ down for the romance count, but with an enduring friendship like theirs, Nat and Jake still have love for each othah!

And lastly, Jordan spotted a Nat mention around the 6:30 min mark of this interview with the band Billy Talent.

I’ll be back with a new poll tomorrow.