lets get confused

Woohoo. Just lost my whole update.

So here we go again…from the top.

We’ll begin with the new poll, which is about the hair. What else.

And here are the results of the Indy poll.

Nat as Indys daughter – what do you think?

Its fantastic news. She’ll be perfect. 33.64% (222 votes)

Its a risk but one well worth taking. 29.85% (197 votes)

She should stay away from big budget films, especially when Lucas is involved. 16.97% (112 votes)

Bad idea, theres no way it can meet expectations. 10.91% (72 votes)

Daughter? She should play his lover! 7.88% (52 votes)

Most of you seem very keen on the idea, unfortunately this article (found by Amy) includes a quote from Nat’s rep, Kelly Bush, stomping out the Goya’s Ghosts nudity rumour as well as the Indy link. In the same article is a mention of the budding Jake-Nat romance, which leads me into…

…this article from Lainey, who joins in the stomping fun by dismissing the relationship as nothing more than a smokescreen. A nice extra is this article about Lainey and her growing reputation, which also features the Nat-Jake quotes. Thanks to Lurking.

But we’re not quite done yet because Barbara from Buenos Aires emailed me to say that the media back home are saying that Nat is in Argentina. More specifically, she is “in the MALBA museum visiting the exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein on Friday”. And the cherry on top? Gael is also in town.

I’ve really got to do a comic about this soap opera.

Moving along to other things, Patrik found another V DVD review. Hopefully this one will stay up.

And lastly, Duy combined his love for Sin City with his love for Nat and came up with a little story.