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Just a few things to update tonight.

Kurt Loder, of MTV fame, thinks V for Vendetta will kick your ass. I guess you can call this a review. And you can definitely call it positive. Thanks to Sonoyta.

The movie is enriched beyond the call of genre by the performances of Natalie Portman and SinΓ©ad Cusack (as a doctor with a hideous secret in her past), and especially by Hugo Weaving (he was Agent Smith in the “Matrix” movies), who gives what must be the most expressive man-in-a-mask performance in screen history ? we never see his face, but thanks to Weaving’s subtle mastery of vocal and physical inflections, we’re never in doubt about what he feels.

What most distinguishes “V for Vendetta,” though, especially from the “Matrix” movies, is its overwhelming emotional power. The movie’s themes of liberty and the necessity of armed resistance to totalitarian control are thrillingly depicted, and they’re perfectly complemented by Dario Marianelli’s vibrant score, which is punctuated with musical quotes ranging from Beethoven and Handel to Cat Power and the Rolling Stones. It’s a great movie, and it builds to a spectacular, near-operatic climax that may leave you weeping at the end, if only in simple consumer gratitude.

Amo has found out that the British Premiere of V for Vendetta will be on March 8th in Westminster (presumably Leicester Square). Get planning now.

Ambergirl1988 found some more pics from the most recent Nat pics. Click here to check them out. Just click on “pictures” under login and then scroll down to the Nat gallery. PS – I have no idea who the hugger is.

Fan 11 found a little mention of the Nat-Isaac-Condom incident over here. And since I can’t think of anything else, I thought it’d be a good idea for a new poll.

Here are the results of the GG appearance poll, which almost reached 2000 votes.

What did you think of Natalie’s look at the Golden Globes?

Hepburn-esque. One of her best looks yet. 34.7% (687 votes)

Very nice but I wish her hair was longer. 31.01% (614 votes)

Wonderful. 24.55% (486 votes)

Not so great. 6.77% (134 votes)

Yuck. 2.32% (46 votes)

Overwhelmingly positive. I’m just so glad we’ve got to see a bunch of new looks these past few months. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.

And finally, Melody has updated the Goya’s Ghosts gallery as well as the V for Vendetta gallery.

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