Childish Things


I was beginning to think that this update would never come to pass. Today I can finally show you the first chapter of Mathilda. It’s been a really tough couple years bringing this thing together and it wouldn’t have been possible without Nick and Charlie’s donations. Thanks SO much, guys.

I also have to thank the artist, Christophe. My experience with artists hasn’t been the best but Christophe is just so professional. There was constant communication and if he said I’d be getting pages the next day I would damn well get those pages the next day. You can check out his website over here.

Personally, I’m so relieved to see it finished but I must admit that the fact that I know very little about the art of making comics definitely shows. I’ve learned a lot in putting together this chapter and I think we can only get better.

The comics are also unfortunately without colour. Financially it just didn’t make sense. However, if someone out there has the skill and the desire to do colouring for a minimal price, please send me an email.

One last thing, before we get to the comic. A brief disclaimer.

The Mathilda comic is a work of fan fiction and should not be considered a serious continuation of the character from the film The Professional.

Now go get it.

Chapter 1

Now for cap in hand time. If you support this project and have a bit of money to spare, donations would be crazily appreciated. The money that Charle and Nick have put forward has gone entirely into paying the artist. Thanks to Maryline and Steven for their contributions after our last np.comic.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back with more Natalie news tomorrow. On the horizon we’ve also got a new np.comic as well as a continuation of the April fools day Mathilda comic (the funnier one, for those we prefer that) on the way.