Nat in Goya


The very first Goyas Ghosts promo pic featuring Nat is here. Lets hope we have news of a US release date and a trailer in the coming weeks.

Next, I came up with a new poll about some of Nat’s more recent and outrageous hairstyles.

Here are the Postal poll results:

What do you think of the Johnny Postal rumour?

Interesting but I’m not sold yet 40.31% (183 votes)

Sounds great 21.37% (97 votes)

I don’t think there is any truth to it 16.3% (74 votes)

Not so sure its a good idea 11.23% (51 votes)

Sounds crap 9.69% (44 votes)

And finally, here are 3 more sweetass V collages from Amy.


Seeya soon