dust off those ballet shoes


Tonight they give out the awards at Cannes and we’ll know what Natalie and the other jury members considered to be the best of the festival. Until then, a few odds and ends to tide you over.

Starting off with a possible new project for Natalie. Its in French so a good translation would be very helpful but apparently Natalie might be starring in a biopic about Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald. According to her wikipedia page the couple “were the embodiment of the jazz age and the roaring twenties” and that Zelda was “the first American flapper”. We all know how much Natalie loves that style. Right now take it with a pinch of salt until we can at least get a good translation. Thanks to Padme Amidala.

I think that’d make a good subject for a temporary poll. I’ll be doing a big poll about Natalie’s Cannes looks in a day or two.

So…Natalie as Zelda Fitzgerald?

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think of Natalie’s Indiana Jones premiere dress?

Not bad but a bit forgettable. 36.69% (204 votes)

One of the very best. Gorgeous. 29.5% (164 votes)

Great from the neck down. 19.78% (110 votes)

One of the very worst. Awful. 9.71% (54 votes)

Great from the neck up. 3.6% (20 votes)

Today we also have the first official bit of New York, I Love You publicity – a teaser poster. Thanks to (who else?) Fanatical.

Next up is another video clip. At the 11 second mark we see Natalie briefly whiz past in an outfit that we haven’t got any pictures of yet. Thanks to Fanatical.

Finally, I just wanted to draw your attention to these two galleries again. The Indy premiere gallery now has several lovely additions like the image below, while the white dress amfAR gallery has TOOOONS of new additions, including a bunch with Devendra. With her dress and his unique looks they look like some kind of alternative reality Cinderella and the prince.

Click for galleries

Will be back with more later.