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After a long, long, long (LONG!) time, we finally have a new np.comic. This comic was literally 6 months in the making. Being the 100th comic that we’ve done, I wanted it to be really amazing and different. So that took up the first couple months, basically failing to come up with something that was good enough. Then, when I finally has the script, Matt got lost in the forest and has only now returned.

Is it worth the wait? Hell no. But I hope you enjoy all the same.

NP.comic #40 (#100 overall)

Because the comments section tends to get spammed to hell and back, we’ve had to make it so comments can not be made. However, if you want to have your say you’re always welcome to mail me or leave your thoughts in this forum thread.

Obviously, I am not happy with the np.comic situation, which needs to change. We were quite prolific in the first half of the year before it all went to hell. So I’ve told Matt that he can remain as the artist for now, and prove that he has the time to regularly do the job. But I’m also going to open the door slightly and say that if anyone out there would like the gig and feels they have the skills, please send me a line.

On a final note, any small donations would be most welcome. A big thanks to Brian and Klemens for their donations late last year.

One of my favourite film journalists named Darjeeling Limited as his film of the year and Natalie gets a couple mentions.

Sak found a site that put together a list of celebs “you didn’t know were geeks”. Dolph?!?!

Finally, I’ve put up a new poll. Its about the shoe line, which I thought we had polled but apparently not.

Get voting!

Here are the results of the last poll:

How does 2007 rank as a year for Nat fans?

Somewhere in between 49.93% (353 votes)

One of the best 31.97% (226 votes)

The best so far 9.48% (67 votes)

One of the worst 6.36% (45 votes)

The worst so far 1.56% (11 votes)

My own thoughts? For off the screen stuff, the best year by FAR. For on screen stuff, a real mixed bag.