show you what all the howling’s for


Lets start the week with a new poll, which is also ABOUT the new week.

And here are the results of the Mathilda poll:

Do you think the Mathilda comic will ever see the light of day?

Could go either way 36.53% (194 votes)

Absolutely 25.99% (138 votes)

No, the project is cursed 18.64% (99 votes)

Yes, but not in my lifetime 18.64% (99 votes)

I’ll give you guys a little update. Last week I placed on advert on DeviantART. I got about a dozen applicants but there have been some sticking points. Obviously a few weren’t up to scratch or weren’t quite what I was looking for. One guy thought the copyright situation was a bit too risky. And the majority who had the talent also wanted money to match that talent.

While Matt and Hector were cool with a partnership where we’d share the profits, these artists are not fond of back end deals. One artist who had fantastic work quoted me $85 per page, which didn’t even include colouring. So that would have been around $1600 even BEFORE colour. In my currency thats like a bajillion bucks.

Having said that, there are some people with more realistic rates and they are currently working on test pages now. I’m also looking into ways to raise some cash so I can pay an artist up front and then just hope there are decent sales. One idea might be, instead of bundling the extra NP.comics with Mathilda, to rather put the comics on sale on their own (for maybe around 25 cents per strip) and hope that brings in enough. Another option is for a millionare fan of the site to make a donation. The third option involves nudity, feathers and a camera.

I’ll post more news as soon as I have it.

So, I totally forgot about the editorial. Partly my fault. Partly because I only received two emails from people doing their own picks. Your passion is overwhelming, guys. We’ll add those two fan picks tomorrow so you’ve still got time to join in.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart.

Fastpunk sent in a dual display (resolution best for 1280×1024) wallpaper, which is a first for the site. The file is big but if you’ve got the right setup its worth checking out.

And Scott sent in another great simple wallpaper.