The big news of the day are these new pics of Natalie attending the Lanvin Spring/Summer fashion show in Paris yesterday. A big thanks to Papari.


Amy sent in word that Just Jared has some more pics from the appearance.

Veggiegal has the other big news of note. She attended the Milos Forman talk at the New Yorker Festival on the weekend. She has some news on the distribution situation and an english trailer. Here it is…

I just want you to know that I attended the Milos Forman event at The New Yorker Festival last night. He was great – a very nice man. They showed clips from some of his past films. And later on there was a trailer from Goya’s Ghosts. It was similar to the Spanish trailer but it was in English (of course) and it was longer than the Spanish one. It is true that Milos contacted Natalie because he saw her on the cover of a magazine and thought that she looked like a Goya painting.

He was very impressed with her when he met her and said that she is very down to earth. Unfortunately, he said that he isn’t sure if the film has a US distributor as of yet (the producer is handling that) but he thinks that it is going to come out in January (if that is the case then maybe it will play for one week in either NY or LA for Oscar consideration) but he isn’t sure.

He said that the film has had problems finding a distributor because they all think about how much money they can make on the film and this film doesn’t have a happy ending. I think (and this is just my feeling) that they wanted a big distributor and that they might have to settle for one of the smaller, artier distributors over here (like Thinkfilm or Magnolia which might pick up David Lynch’s Inland Empire which is also having problems with US distributors).

In any case, the trailer is excellent and afterward someone that I met said that he doesn’t understand the problem because he would see the film then and there. And so would I!

I think you could count on the majority of Nat fans to go see the film if it plays in their area. Hopefully it at least gets a qualifying run to give it an outside shot at Oscar nominations.