and the kitchen sink

Things have been piling up in the old inbox so I think its time to clean the slate.

Let’s begin with the last poll results:

Should we stick with Scott’s icon or change it for the one from Denis?

Ask for more entries 69.19% (283 votes)

Stick with Scott 23.47% (96 votes)

Switch to Denis 7.33% (30 votes)

Luckily for me (otherwise I would be wiping egg off my face) there have been a few more submissions so we can make this a bit more like a contest.

Vote for the official icon


I got a late entry from Denis so I’ve reset the poll. There will be no more additions!!!

Natalie barely gets a mention in this NY Times article about My Blueberry Nights but I still consider it a must read. This film could definitely be something special. Thanks to Jane.

Another of Natalie’s movies for next year, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, will be getting a big media push. I guess it starts now with this first official image from the film. Along with that is the news that Charnel House has been comissioned to create a prop book to promote the film. It’ll look a little something like this. Thanks to Sonoyta.

René found a Nat mention in an interview with Cat Power. It seems that Natalie might have been behind her song being used in V for Vendetta. Good choice, Nat.

So I’m here and so I arrived, and Natalie Portman said, excuse me can you put this song in that movie? And I don’t know her but it was great because I got a check for $7,000, so I went to Louis Vuitton in Miami and I was like, Uh, that that that.

Hope sends word that InTouch named this outfit “look of the week”. Must have been a slow week…

“timelessly chic in this classy cape and skinny pants, while her colorful purse adds a youthful edge”

Rounding off the update is this little blurb about the new single from The Shins. I think they might be right. Thanks to Alberto.

And now onto the fanart.

Cyberkai sent in a wallpaper that wouldn’t have been out of place on Halloween.

Isaac sent in this nice wallpaper.

LostAmo sent in a couple more wallpapers. Click here and here.

As well as a new batch of avatars.

Finally, Marie sent in a couple pieces of lineart. Click here and here.

Whew, I think that about covers it.