and we’re back


Things are still quiet in Natworld but I’ve got enough odds and ends for a decent update.

Let’s begin with the results of the previous poll.

These are the things Clone would buy Natalie for Christmas.

1.a bunch of roses
2.a box of M&M’s
3.a $50.00 gift voacher academy award from the what’s new store saying best kisser in the world.

Which is the most ill conceived?

Who? What? I don’t understand! 32.3% (188 votes)

Someone tell the guy she’s Jewish 25.43% (148 votes)

Don’t encourage him! 13.57% (79 votes)

The Best Kisser Academy Award 9.45% (55 votes)

The $50 gift…voacher 7.56% (44 votes)

The M&M’s 6.87% (40 votes)

The flowers 4.3% (25 votes)

It was nice seeing Sanjiro updating again. A couple months ago I tried to get an Omar-Sanji column started but even Ethan Hunt would have struggled to accomplish that particular mission. So, what to do with Sanji? That’s what this new poll is about.

There have been a number of updates to the site in the last few days. A big thanks to Melody.

Shinka Shinohara gallery updated – Check out this strangely awesome pic.

SNL updated

Oscar after party updated

Wacky Chicks updated

Frost/Nixon added

Paper night club added

Stroll with mom added

The Filmography page has also been updated, along with the film galleries.

The one bit of Nat news today is that Paris je T’aime will be receiving a nationwide in Australia on Valentine’s Day.

Finally, a bit of fanart.

Amy made a funny little bumper sticker that I’m sure will go down well with Clone.

Next up is a painting from JenR.

And the female domination continues with some more avatars from LostAmo.