Happy New Year

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I hope you had a rocking new years eve. Mine was decidedly un-rocking but I can give 2006 the finger and know that 2007 will at least be great for Nat fans.

This week there will be an editorial, a new comic, a new banner and some “looking back at 2006” polls.

Speaking of polls, here are the results from the last one:

What should Sanjiro be doing?

Doing more regular updates. 35.68% (152 votes)

Doing a weekly column. 25.35% (108 votes)

Doing Portmania and Xmas updates. 19.48% (83 votes)

Doing nothing. 19.01% (81 votes)

Quite even results. I’m gonna speak to Sanjiro and see if we can work something out. Helping with updates is the easiest thing to do so if he’s up for it we’ll probably do that.

Wonder what Nat did for new years eve? It’s time for a new poll.

Just got a couple more pieces of fanart for today.

JenR sent in a cool Mathilda wallpaper.

And Alejandra sent in couple images. Click here and here.

Seeya soon


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  • AProfessional says:

    MMMmmmm…2007 feels great.
    Question: Is there a Natalie E! True Hollywood Story?

  • nimbuschick says:

    It’s odd to watch 2000-2010 slip away. It’s the first decade I’ve been fully aware of from start to finish (as a 1986 baby the farthest back I remember knowing the year was 1991.)

    I pulled a Pam Beasley and got drunk off of everyone else’s drinks last night. Thank God for spiced Captain Morgan. I had a very entertaining conversation with my friend’s little brother (15) about why Natalie is superior to Keira when someone suggested we watch Pirates.

  • imakemloose69 says:


    I hope everyone enjoyed it…. Me i watched V FOR VENDETTA rocking the new years to Natalie portman. lol

    well its the new year people, and is the year for Natalie and her fans. i wish her the best new year possible. and good luck Nat on all her upcomming films.

    I am sure all her fans will be supporting her 110% by her side, i sure am.

    But time will tell, we all have to wait and find out.

  • ownself says:

    2007 is the year of the pig. I want this also to be the year when pigs fly–I love you Natalie.

  • sak says:

    Happy new year everybody! Happy new year Natalie!

  • Seyo says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.Happy new year Natalie!!!

  • N-a-t says:

    Happy New Year to you all!:)and to nATALIE:)

  • Mac81 says:

    Happy New Year Everybody!!!

  • fanatical610 says:

    Happy New Year to all. Thanks to the np.com staff for a great 2006 and here’s to a great 2007. And of course Happy New Year to Nat.

  • clone says:

    Happy new year to all the natalie portman fans and to natalie portman herself and her parents too.

    I now have to think what to get natalie for valentines day.

    I think I’ll make her a paper heart.send her a card. a ring.have to think about it.

    she was having a wonderful time with her parents and charlie for new years eve/day. I did.

    Also I cant wait to se her walk the carpet, plus I hope she works with george lucas again in the 4th indiana jones film.

  • knowme says:

    2007 will definitely be a great year.

    Do we know for sure if Nat was in India during the New Year’s? I wonder how she spent it?

    Feliz ano a todos!

  • minimaggit says:

    Happy new year.

  • rafael28 says:

    that Mathilda wallpaper that JenR sent in is probably the best nat wallpaper ever

  • clone says:

    I just got a new 20 pound note from the UK with natalie portman on it. I bought it from Ebay.