Happy New Year


I hope you had a rocking new years eve. Mine was decidedly un-rocking but I can give 2006 the finger and know that 2007 will at least be great for Nat fans.

This week there will be an editorial, a new comic, a new banner and some “looking back at 2006” polls.

Speaking of polls, here are the results from the last one:

What should Sanjiro be doing?

Doing more regular updates. 35.68% (152 votes)

Doing a weekly column. 25.35% (108 votes)

Doing Portmania and Xmas updates. 19.48% (83 votes)

Doing nothing. 19.01% (81 votes)

Quite even results. I’m gonna speak to Sanjiro and see if we can work something out. Helping with updates is the easiest thing to do so if he’s up for it we’ll probably do that.

Wonder what Nat did for new years eve? It’s time for a new poll.

Just got a couple more pieces of fanart for today.

JenR sent in a cool Mathilda wallpaper.

And Alejandra sent in couple images. Click here and here.

Seeya soon