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Time to clear up the backlog.

Let’s begin with a new poll. Some of you might have noticed that yesterdays comic was the first where the text wasn’t in uppercase. I asked Matt to change because I thought it might read better. So now you guys need to tell us which you prefer.

Here are the results of the Magorium poll:

What did you think of the Magorium trailer?

4 – Better than I expected 26.24% (122 votes)

5 – Absolutely fantastic 26.24% (122 votes)

3 – Pretty good, I just wish it hadn’t shown so much 18.92% (88 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet 16.34% (76 votes)

2 – Not the best 8.39% (39 votes)

1 – I just have no interest in the film 3.23% (15 votes)

Those of you who missed the trailer might like to see some caps that JenR made.


And the last bit of Magorium-ness is from Marina who found an article about Alexandre Desplat. the composer who wrote the music that Natalie’s character plays in Magorium. His work in Birth was outstanding so here’s hoping for a great Magorium score.

On the weekend we put up a 2007 calendar but JohnDu has also found one for sale on amazon.

And finally, EmmaWatson.net have awarded me us site of the month. This is good news aside from the implication that we weren’t site of the month in November. And October. And every other month. In future, plays make out all awards to say “best site ever”.

In all seriousness though, thanks for the recognition and Emma Watson is definitely one of the good ones.

Ciao for now


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  • nimbuschick says:

    Emma Watson… not so bad in GoF as she was in the other three, but she really doesn’t get her character at all and I don’t think she wants to. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of leaving yourself and your ego behind to play a part.

    Natalie, however, is fantastic. She lets herself cry ugly and do dorky things on camera. I love it.

  • viona says:

    At first, pic #6 : she reminds me of Jude Law in Talented Mr Ripley LOL, dunno why it’s juz comin out in my mind….;D

  • thierrry123 says:

    paris je t’aime segment of natalie is on youtube!!!!

  • red-hot says:

    can’t wait to see this movie!
    dazza, what about natalie’s contribution to the simpsons?
    in france we can see the 17’season…

  • cherryvanilla says:

    it’s off topic but the tom tykwer clip is finally on you tube!

  • bushi says:


  • imakemloose69 says:

    off topic sorry, Just watched nats segment from paris je t’aime on youtube. it was good. i was expecting way more but i knew it was only a a segmet.

    Is there anyway you can save a youtube vid to yourdesktop? if so plese do tell. i would like to burn the segment on to dvd.

  • jenr1215 says:

    i didn’t notice the uppercase change, but i prefer the Regular caps.

  • fanatical610 says:

    Yeah, I can’t believe it’s only 7 minutes long. I thought it was good. It’s funny to see how much Nat has grown up as well cause I believe she shot that during her college years.

    Speaking of Birth, what an interesting film. Even though the film wasn’t critically acclaimed, I thought it was a brave choice by all involved to potray a love story between a little boy and a mature woman. The scene when he goes in the bath tub with Anna is particularly chilling, “I’m looking at my wife”, man that chills me everytime. The sterile, almost cold cinematography and even the actors’ wardrobes adds to the suspense…really interesting film.

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    imakemloose69, I’m not sure if there’s a way to burn YouTube videos to dvd, but I’ll try and figure it out. But aren’t you the one that burned the Magorium trailer to DVD? Can’t you just do the same thing?

  • Mac81 says:

    Thank you for the link, cherryvanilla! I’ve been waiting for “Paris, je t’aime” for such a long time.

    Francine reminds me of Sam from Garden State. It’s really impressive to see how Natalie has been changing in the last few years – from a girl to a woman. If you compare “Paris” to “V” it’s really hard to believe that this is the same actress.

    I hope there will be a version with English subtitles within a few days.

  • goya says:

    Thanx for the link!
    Great Nat’s acting in Paris…!
    I loved it!

  • AProfessional says:

    Yah, Emma Watson should really stop trying to look pretty on camera, because it ends up looking like really bad acting. She’s already pretty; she doesn’t need to prove it to anybody.

    I saw the Paris Je T’aime segment with Natalie on it. Even though it was shorter than I expected, it was extremely good. For some weird reason, I thought she was gonna be speaking French…You know, now that I mention it, I’ve never heard Natalie speak French. I wonder if she has ever done it in public, just like she spoke Hebrew in “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” By the way, does anybody now what she said there?

  • unity1 says:

    That was fun to finally be able to see the Natalie segment from Paris Je T’aime. I’m a fan of Tom Tykwer and have seen four or five of his films (still not sure about the skiing into the womb thing though…). However, I have to say the PJT’A segment was a real disappointment to me. I didn’t like it at all actually. I also want to watch it again just in slow motion since most of Natalie’s scene’s are in a flurry of short bursts shot over a significant amount of time. I’m quite surprised. The blind actor in this segment was in another Tykwer film where he was a character in a mental hospital who befriends the girl from “Run Lola Run”… I forget the name of that film…

  • fanatical610 says:

    According this Life and Style article, Natalie was out and about with her mom this December.