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We’ve been all about the pics lately but today its all text baby!

Let’s start with that Lost Painting rumour from yesterday. We checked with our sources and they “have no information about the Lost Painting to give”. There is a small chance they could mean that they just can’t confirm it right now but I think its more likely that the rumour is false. Romans, feel free to pick up your swords again.

On the brighterside, we do know she’s doing Darjeeling Limited in India and here comes another Nat sighting from the wonderful world of blogs. Thanks to Marina for the find.

You’re trapped in a (temporarily) out of order elevator – who would you like to be trapped with?

Natalie Portman!!! She really is as beautiful in person and I can personally tell you this. I rubbed shoulders with her while in Jodhpur, India about 2 weeks ago. She was with a tall dark hair handsome man at the time, and she stopped to take a picture of a cow in the street. I caught a glance from her since I was the only non-Indian there at the market. I thought she would be taller in person, but she is tiny and had her dirty, short hair up dororthy style with a cute casual dress and white high top chucks on. Ahhh!!! I did not say anything to her because I did not want to be annoying, especially if she was on vacation. Besides, she probably likes not easily being recognised in a remote place like India (Bollywood rules the screen there). Now I could totally kick myself for not saying anything at all. The whole time all I can think to myself is “Be cool, and don’t do anything stupid…like follow her” Well, I did follow her, but at a distance so that I would not raise any suspision (stalker me!!).

Trapped in an elevator with Natalie…I think most of my dreams start like that. And end with us playing hungry hungy hippo while Bob Dylan eats cheese in the corner…I had a strange childhood.

And finally, Cecilia found an interview with Gael in Portuguese. She translated a brief Nat mention.

?Q: And what about your relationship with Natalie Portman? How have you been able to preserve your relationship from becoming one of those celebrity things??

A:(Gael laughs). You?re trying to kill me, honestly! Natalie is a great women and a great actress, don?t get me in trouble?

Q: ok! All right??

Hah, cute. Kick his ass, Nat.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend.


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  • Jenski says:

    As a red-blooded woman I would love to be trapped in an elevator with Natalie. Don’t know what I’d do though…

    There’s something very cute about Natalie stopping to take a picture of a *cow*. And I’m getting sick of the GGB mentions; for me, it’s like Googling Nat in the news section and getting back 400 articles about the Shins. God.

    “Romans, feel free to pick up your swords again.” Heh.

  • sak says:

    Yup, now I ‘m sure. Every time someone reports a close encounter i get extremely jealous. Lucky them.

  • johnnydrama80 says:

    Wow, Gael Garcia is one lucky bastard!! i hate him too, but i think he’s better than that Jake GAY-llenhall

  • fanatical610 says:

    Yeah it’s all about the Shins lately. Cute quote from GGB.

  • Aurora says:

    Just wanted to point out that the interview with Gael is a few years old. It is probably from the first time they dated, not now.

  • Aurora says:

    Actually, nevermind! It’s from only a little while back! I made a mistake… :S

  • jude_yam says:

    wow… that’s like a dream come true i wish i could see her in person… i think she is so beautiful and cute….

    maybe when im rich i could have a date wit her even just friends

  • jude_yam says:

    hey your right geal is really one lucky bastard so when will we kill him… it was a joke..

  • fanatical610 says:

    So when are those two going to get married and have a baby already? The love is so obvious, even more so when they try to hide it.