3 times the pleasure


Just a quick update to let you know that 3 more banners have been added to the rotation. A huge thanks to Brishen.


So, what do you think of them? It’s time for a new poll.

And finally, here are the results of the Prague photos poll.

How does the Prague set rank on your “favourite Nat premiere appearances” list?

Top 10 29.16% (128 votes)

She looks good but there have been a lot better 25.97% (114 votes)

Top 5 25.97% (114 votes)

Could be my favourite appearance of all time 15.03% (66 votes)

I don’t actually think she looked all that great 2.51% (11 votes)

Yup, it’ll definitely go down as one of the best public appearances yet.

Seeya soon