Things are still a little quiet but Gael is going to be presenting an award at the Oscars. I’d be surprised to see Nat and Gael together but afterpartys are another matter. It was the Vanity Fair after party where Natalie first met Gael all those years ago. Thanks to Celiana for the info.

American Photo hosted an event to raise funds for charity. The auction is for photographs taken by various celebrities. As you would have guessed by now, Natalie had some work up. You can read about it here and you can see Natalie’s photo here. Thanks again to Marina.

I think this is a perfect subject for…

A new Poll

Finally, here are the results from the previous poll.

Do you care who Natalie dates?

No, its got nothing to do with me as a fan 31.22% (365 votes)

Yes, but not enough to get angry or upset 30.28% (354 votes)

No, as long as its not someone I dislike 24.81% (290 votes)

Yes, I’m more passionate about it than my own relationships 13.17% (154 votes)

I’m glad those two options came out top but 13% care more about Natalie’s relationships than your own? Yikes.

Have a great weekend