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Ok, well we finally got our login situation sorted so here is the brand new np.comic.


Once again, any help via donations would be hugely appreciated. Thanks to Jutze, Joshua and Clay for helping us out since the last comic.

We have also updated NP.comic #34 with some visual and dialogue tweaks. Being that Matt and I are on different continents its rare that we are able to fine tune but in this case we really wanted to clean up a couple things we weren’t happy with.

Finally, we have some more pics from the Vanity Fair party. Orionsaint found some great new Hi Res pics.

And Celiana found some medium sized Mirren-Gael-Nat pics.


That’s it for now.


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  • clone says:

    comic 54 is good, and funny.

    also those pictures of gael and natalie are good, but it went this way. natalie was speaking to the actress who played the queen, then gael and his man date somehow arrive together and join the gossip to congratulate the queen in winning the award.

    remember that alot of female actors dont get married but get seen close to men, like cameron diaz.

    those Hi rez pictures are good, especially #5.did you get the new padme figure yet dazza?

  • Zev says:

    “You even saw Star Wars”… bravo, guys.

  • Orionsaint says:

    What’s that Gael’s face in the first pix? Almost looks like a bandage to hold his glasses together? I guess it’s the lighting.

  • clone says:

    hey dazza, maybe you should make a comic of natalie stealing George Lucas’s star wars collection for revenge on not giving her the part in indy 4.haha.

  • clone says:

    I was just watching the simpsons movie trailor, and I beleive I saw natalie’s simpson character walking with a stick with fire saying we want homer, cause they also said that it will have lots of characters from all 18 years of the simpsons.

    I think natalie could also appear in the simpsons movie.

  • JorgeRibeiro says:

    Thats a BIG update. All sorts of things goin on. Gotta say, the comics are pure class, especially the whole prison break thing.

    The pics are also very good and yeh, what is that on Gaels glasses in one of the pictures?

  • plop says:

    Yes, a helluva good update indeed. By the way, my guess (fortunately all you know that shoudl NOT follow what i say or sugest) is that this thing betwen the glasses and the nose is a reflex in the camera lense, or in some place else and catched by the camera, specialy since there isn’t at any ohter pic.
    About the hires pics, my favourite -from THIS update- is the second (wow, people. You are working hard¡¡).
    And the comic Nat by the end of the indian comic is imo, the most similar to real Nat until now (and i love that)

  • plop says:

    Oh¡. sorry. I forgot to mention. Did any one noticed that Gael’s costarring from “Y tu mamá también” appears in some of the Celiana pics?.

  • clone says:

    seeing natalie on that orange circle looks to me like a secret lift.

  • jenr1215 says:

    Why do i have the strangest feeling a future comic strip may involve GL and Indy 4????


  • clone says:

    apparently it seems to me that she’s resting for the year since she worked so hard last year making 3 films. she needs a brake from all this fame by relaxing at home with good old charlie.

    I love it when she does the cat walk.

  • Brian says:

    Also, did anyone else notice the crazy broad in hi res pic4? The brunette on the left looks like she’s about to bite the hot looking girl’s face off. Gotta be wary o dem crazy bitches. A woman scorned is … a bitch or something.