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I’ve got some other work to do (this paper clip theme park isn’t going to finish itself you know) so the rest of this update will come later this weekend.

Let’s kick things off with the results of the forum poll:

Should we set up a new forum for the site?

Yes 65.81% (385 votes)

Whatever, dude. I am so high right now. 21.88% (128 votes)

No 11.79% (69 votes)

Ok, the wheels are in motion.

Now I want to hear what you guys are wanting in a forum format.

For those of you interested, you can pre-order Paris Je T’aime over here. I’ll have my thoughts on the film up very soon. Thanks to JC.

Next up are a couple links of old news. Popsugar shows nat some love for the new London pics (the more flattering ones) and MSN is beating the Jude-Nat drum. Thanks to Angela and Jeremey.

It’s FHM 100 sexiest time again so if you like seeing Natalie getting some hottie recognition, get voting. Thanks to Adam.

And finally, how about some fanart?

Angel sent in two lovely wallpapers.


Nora has been busy and sent in 5 wallpapers.


Lastly, here is a wallpaper from Christoff.

Thanks guys and gals.


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  • JenR1215 says:


    Damn Region 3, people… DAMN YAWL!!!!

  • balla_ama says:

    i see you took the time to indicate the wallpaper sizes. atleast in the first 2 :)thanks

  • fanatical610 says:

    Why is it always reported that Natalie and Gael have an on-off relationship? They broke up ONCE in 2004 and got back to together late 2005. They have been together since then, I think it’s over a year now. Just cause we don’t know their every move, it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up.

    I hope you put a section in the forum to discuss films, both Nat and non-Nat related.

  • JenR1215 says:

    Nat sorta looks pregnant in Popsugar pictures, lol.

    .. but thats a beautiful thing. 😉

  • InNatsThrall says:

    Not on topic but… Anyone know a someone/place that has a legit (nice) autographed pic of Natalie. Not Ebay stuff, but something verifiably good. I almost won that auction last year but someone outbid me at 310.00..stupid $10!!! I mean, I was already paying 300 for a damn poster…what is 10 more bucks.

  • dazza says:

    I mentioned the sizes for those because the 1280×800 is a size that not many desktops can handle as its widescreen.

  • Claudia says:

    I voted in FHM and got someone to vote. needless to say who was first on the list.

    alright! a forum!

  • JenR1215 says:

    @ fanatical610

    How do you know those are the only times they’ve been apart? Are YOU friends with either person?

    I know not to believe everything in the media, but they do sometime know a hell of a a lot more than us. And if u break up once, and get back together, that IS a “on” and off relationship. They were “ON” then “OFF” then “ON” again.

    .. so call it a “on-off-on” relationship…. or something.


    @ InNatsThrall


    I say Ebay, because thats where my dad went to get all mine. *roll eyes*

  • tristan says:

    Oh !The wallpapers are beautiful£¡
    she has angelic face~

  • bou says:

    “I hope you put a section in the forum to discuss films, both Nat and non-Nat related.”

    I agree, this is a good idea.

  • jorgeribeiro says:

    I think it should be just like normal online forum. With a section for actors/actresses, for films etc etc.

    By the way, some nice wallpapers there. Really like number 1 and 2.