I was a bit bummed after the email we received from Fox but having just seen a site using our April Fools joke as real news, I’m feeling a lot better. Especially glad he liked the tagline, even though it took me all of 5 seconds to think up. Thanks to Jenski and Life_is_a_cereal.


Brishen, who created the poster with me, noticed that wikipedia can also be added to the list.

I’ve been threatening promising some thoughts on Goya’s Ghosts and Paris Je T’aime and they are finally here in a new editorial.

Jen sent in a couple caps from V for Vendetta that we don’t have in our gallery. Click here and here. She also sent over a ton from Free Zone but I’ll get to those in a future update.

And finally, Natalie on the cover of Time magazine? Sort of. Thanks to Jorge.

Cheers for now