Escape this scary world


Let’s all escape from this scary world for a moment with this update.

The results of the wallpaper theme poll are…

What theme do you want for the new wallpaper battle?

Her movie characters 38.13% (241 votes)

Spring time 32.91% (208 votes)

Comedic 15.03% (95 votes)

Leon 13.77% (87 votes)

Alright, there you have it. So…

The wallpaper battle for April is now open. The theme is “her movie characters” and must be in either 1024×768 or 1280×1024 resolutions. Any submissions that do not meet the requirements or do not make the final cut of (at most) 10, will then be posted on the site as regular fanart. Good luck.

I’m still working on some confirmation for the Paul McCartney music video appearance but since I need a new poll, let’s see what you guys think.

Get Voting!

Goya’s Ghosts has opened in Italy and has a different poster to the one we’ve seen for Spain and Germany. Thanks to Sonoyta.

While Angry Liberal found a new and very positive review for the film and especially for Natalie’s performance.

Over on this blog someone put Natalie’s face though a face transformer program. The results are…interesting. Thanks to Thierry.

Lastly, Aniel sent in a Goya banner while Pablo made another in a long line of great Natalie drawings.

Good night and take care of each other.