It’s a very special day today. *cough cough*

Yes indeed, something about it just feels better than every other day *nudge nudge*

Let’s begin this glorious update on this equally glorious day with the news that Natalie is set to appear on The View on May 4th. I can’t stand what I’ve seen of that show but hey, a TV appearance is a TV appearance. I can only assume that its to promote Paris Je T’aime, which is a nice surprise because I thought it wouldn’t have any kind of promotional push.

This past week I was working on updating the Free Zone gallery to the new image system. With the help of Pasha, it is now ready although Kris still has to implement it properly. The reason I’m mentioning this is because aside from updating the gallery, I also added a bunch of captures from Jen.

I think its time for a new poll about this past week.


And here are the results of the music video poll:

Assuming it is true, how do you feel about Natalie appearing in a Paul McCartney music video directed by Michel Gondry?

Yay because Nat in any music video is cool 60.22% (330 votes)

Yay because of Gondry 13.69% (75 votes)

Yay because of Paul 10.58% (58 votes)

Boo because acting in music videos is lame 8.76% (48 votes)

Boo because Paul’s music is lame 6.02% (33 votes)

And lastly, Monday will be the last day for wallpaper battle submissions and the poll will go up on Tuesday.