more ass kicking


It seems that you’re all responding very well to this FINCA news heavy week. It’s definitely a refreshing change to the publicity push for a film.

Today we have more FINCA related news items and let’s begin with something I forgot to link to yesterday, the Myspace page for Village Banking. It has lots of information about the cause and plenty of Natalie. Go check it out and spread the word.

We also have another new gallery up. It has a couple photos of Natalie giving a talk at a luncheon at NYU about FINCA and Village Banking. That’s Queen Rania in the second pic. Thanks to Celiana.

Here is a comprehensive article on the campaign including quotes from Natalie and Queen Rania. It also gives us some solid info on the documentary:

Ms. Portman has produced a documentary which will be released later
this year about FINCA’s work in Mexico with Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary director Juan Carlos Rulfo.

Thanks to Harper.

Lainey might not be very popular to a section of Nat fans but she really does champion Nat every chance she gets. Here is her recent article about the Paris Je T’aime premiere and the FINCA campaigning.

Pasha has been constantly updating the gallery for that premiere so if you haven’t seen it since the day it went up, check again for a ton of great new photos.

If you want an even better copy of Natalie’s The View appearance, head over here. Thanks to David.

We go back to film for this next item, it is an interview with Natalie about Goya’s Ghosts. Click the link below to see the whole article. Thanks to Jason.

“Hopefully I won’t be typecast. I don’t want to be the cheap torture girl for the rest of my career.”

And rounding off the news, Natalie is the actress of the week on – Natalie Portman.

There are just two pieces of fanart today and they both come from Jean. Click here and here.

Finally, since FINCA and Village Banking is the hot topic at the moment it might be nice to have some matching fanart. Just a thought.