take 2

Hi again

Right, better make sure I save the update before submitting it so I don’t get a repeat of last night.

Lets start with the good news that Matt will continue on as the NP.comic artist. I’m sure that will be a relief to you guys and gals. And I should have a big announcement about Mathilda soon.

Let’s get to the news.

Starting off with the event that shall not be named (see mondays update if you’re confused). The rest of the web has no problem covering the event and if you would like to see bigger pics from the nameless event, you can now do so at Egotastic, WWTDD and The Superficial. Thanks to all those who emailed me about those links and others like it.

Also, there was a video taken and shown of the event. Check monday’s comments section for a full description of the video and what was going on.

Right, onto happier things.

Roger F found the scans from Nat’s Aussie Vogue appearance. There are some pics and an article.


Coolness. I can’t wait for the next media tsunami when Goya gets released.

Darrel has found a little report on Blueberry shooting in Las Vegas.

Natalie Portman and Norah Jones spent a week filming scenes at the downtown Art Bar for “My Blueberry Nights,” co-starring Jude Law and Rachel Weisz. Bar owner Jesse Garon, who serves as Mayor Oscar Goodman’s official Elvis impersonator, was included in a gambling scene, playing himself in the Kar Wai Wong-directed film.

Gotta run but I’ll be back later with more.

Just a quick plug for a good friend of the site, Jutze, who is putting together a webpage for the actress Lena Headey. She will be starring in the fantastic looking “300”, due out next year.