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Natalie’s fashion choices were quite adventurous at Cannes and, in my opinion, some of her best looks so far. But today I want to know what you think was the stand out dress and look. I’m limiting it to just the red carpet appearances.

What you waiting for? Get voting!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

How would you feel about Natalie doing a Zelda Fitzgerald biopic?

I would feel happy. 63.08% (176 votes)

I would feel nothing. 25.09% (70 votes)

I would feel confused. 8.24% (23 votes)

I would feel unhappy. 3.58% (10 votes)

I really hope this rumour has some legs. Sounds like a great project if they can get the right director.

Imakeemloose has posted on the forum with the first comprehensive review of The Other Boleyn Girl Blu-ray. Head over here to find out what you’ll be getting for your bucks. I’m interested in the deleted scenes because, personally, I found certain sections of the film very rushed. Like a lot of character development ended up on the cutting room floor.

A few days ago we had a lot of video’s and today we’ve got a few more.

Starting off is a video is Natalie making her way through a crowd to attend a Boleyn screening after party.

This is another video of Natalie signing autographs while being shouted at, this time at Berlinale.

A fan video of Natalie shooting a scene for her short in New York, I Love You. Unfortunately it might as well have been taken from the moon.

Thanks to Brunette.

Moving along to a couple gallery updates.

The Soho Shopping gallery now has some HQ pictures.

The Boleyn Press Conference gallery has a few more HQ additions.

And now a few single images.

Nat and Adrien Brody at the Vanity Fair party.

Natalie and the jury having a meal with the mayor of Cannes.

A long distance shot of Natalie walking her dog in Cannes.

Thanks to Pasha, Fanatical, Martina and

Wrapping things up are a couple real oddities.

Quick Wit found a gallery painting of Natalie and…The Ninja Turtles?

While Amy (and others) have noticed that this character from the new Prince of Persia game has a bit of a resemblance to Natalie.

Right, I’m off to Indiana Jones. I’ll seeya tomorrow.


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  • plop says:

    Did you see the last pic from Soho? (What a dumb question, i know, but i am… astounded for her expression) Seems to fit perfectly with a thread in the section.

    If i can “return” to the Cannes last festival, one question: I can understand that sheos hurted Natalie’s feet, but what about the little harms spreaded trougth her leg? Oh, i don’t have a pic here… Sorry. But i noticed in many pics, now in the site, from Cannes.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Did anyone else noticet that the shoes she wore with the blue dress are the same style but different color than the ones she wore with the black dress (the black shoes that seemed highly disliked). The ones worn with the blue dress look goldish or silver-ish. Perhaps that color would have gone better with the white dress, unless it’s the style that many among us don’t like.