update part 1


Not really in the mood for a loooong update so over the course of the weekend I’m gonna do mini updates and hopefully by the end of the weekend everything will be up to date.

The biggest annoyance about have no computer for a week, aside from the mind numbing boredom, was missing out on Valentines and our Anniversary.

I wanted to do an editorial about the site and get you guys to send in Valentines and Anniversary fanart and stuff and Sanji woulda brought punch that was pure Vodka and Mart would have pinched Melody on the ass and she woulda kicked him in the nuts and it just would have been a great time. So I’m thinking that next weekend (28th) I’ll pretend that it’s the 14th. I actually think we did this before (although it was because we forgot the anniversary) and called it Bizarro Valentines/Anniversary.

So if you guys participate enough and send in some goodies I’ll go ahead with it. And if you don’t I’ll kill a puppy.

Right, so onto the update. The main thrust of this update are a bunch of old but kickass Hi Res pics sent in by Stephen. But before I get to that, apparently Daniel Bedingfield won a Brit award during the week and during his acceptance speech thanked Natalie again. I’m pretty sure it’s just a running joke and to be honest, if I was famous I’d probably do the same thing. Thanks to Penny and Nat-AH-Lee.

Now onto the pics…

Love the pink toenail polish
Pedal pushers are so unflattering on girls but I love the hair
Yummy from the tips of her toes to the end of her nose
Oh, how I loathed the dress. I wonder how many clowns had to die to make it?
Her smile saves the day tho
And to wrap up, several cool pics from the Polo event.

Ok, that’s it for part 1. More later.