What you thought I wouldn’t come again, Leave you hangin’ without bringin’ you the fun again?

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Ok, that’s the first and last time I’ll ever quote a Will Smith song, I promise!

This is just too cool – the trivia subtitles from the Leon DVD! If you ever needed another reason to buy the dvd, the fact that they mention us should be it! Thanx to “Imaculata Conception” for being observant!

Ebert Roper sends a memo to the Academy mentioning Natalie! But not for what you’d think… Thanx Chris for notifying me and hosting the little clip.

There’s a good article covering Closer over at the Mirror.co.uk and ofcourse interviewing Natalie. Credit goes to Jen!

New poll! This weeks question has to do with the new service on webmasters lips, RSS!
Last weeks poll ended like this:

What are your initial thoughts about V for Vendetta? (913 votes)

361 votes – I don’t know what to think at this point. – 39.54%

222 votes – Sounds awesome. – 24.32%

169 votes – She plays a prostitute? I’m sold! – 18.51%

80 votes – I’ve read the book and am very excited. – 8.76%

58 votes – Sounds awful. – 6.35%

13 votes – I’ve read the book and am very worried. – 1.42%


We have one drawing from Pawel Hudeczek from Poland, one drawing from Marco in Italy and one drawing from DJeevan from… somewhere. Over the rainbow.


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