Job hunt


Time to update you guys about the Mathilda situation. I’m afraid its bad news. No, Besson hasn’t sent Jean Reno lookalikes to break my legs. The problem is with my artist, Matt.

I came up with the idea late in 2005 and after an initial burst of enthusiasm (some nice concept sketches and a rough storyboard of the script for chapter 1) things went quiet. Matt went to university and the problems/excuses started to stack up. First he had no computer. Months later he had a computer but no internet. Then he finally had both but had too much university work. Finally he said he had 4 months off before university kicks into gear again and the process started again. Long trip home. Home but no internet. And then finally, as I told him that I needed to see some work or I’ll have to move on, he got cracking.

I got those Mathilda posters. The NP.comic strip. A finished page from the chapter (without colour) and best of all, a direct communication as to where things stood. Because Matt has always been incredibly vague as to how far he is and when things can be done. He told me that 8 pages were completed (with colour), 4 were done but still needed colouring and the last few pages of chapter one still needed to be started. He said that he’d send everything over the next week.

The next week came and he told me that he had burnt the pages to different cds and was struggling to find them. But he said he’d keep looking and sent what he did have the next day. This was two weeks ago. Despite several urgent emails I haven’t heard from him.

Which brings us to today. Today I’m going to start looking for another artist. This doesn’t mean Matt is definitely out of the picture but I think it’d take a minor miracle to get our partnership back on track.

So, if you think you have…

a) Talent – Brishen, who did the banners for the site, will be doing the lettering and will help with colouring but the main artist must be able to draw and be able to do retouching on the computer and colouring with a program like photoshop. This is the level of work I’m looking for.

b) Time – Its a lot of work. It will be a paying job (altho at this point I have no idea how much it’d pay) and I am very patient and flexible but I can’t have another Matt situation.

c) Enthusiasm – For the site. For drawing. For comics and film and Mathilda.

If you have those 3 things, send me an email and we can get talking. I am totally committed to this project and I just want someone who can be my partner on this. Someone who feels the way that I do and is excited and determined to make it happen.

Thanks for reading through all that.