Nat’s scream must have done the trick because it appears that things are back to normal.

Let’s begin with the results of the last poll:

How do you feel about Natalie’s week of promoting FINCA?

Its even better than her promoting a film. 27.56% (132 votes)

I like film and FINCA promotions equally. 25.68% (123 votes)

A nice change but I still prefer the excitement of a new film on the way. 23.38% (112 votes)

Can we just do a poll about that Bjork Benefit dress already?
22.76% (109 votes)

Wow, That could be the most equal spread we’ve ever had.

109 of you will be happy with the new poll.

Get Voting!

There is another new pic of Natalie on the set of Mr Magorium. The wig/hair looks a lot better this time around.

As just about everyone expected, the Natalie lifecasting rumour was just a joke. You can read the denial from the person who created the rumour over here. Thanks to Lurking.

In this article, Jessica Biel considers Nat a top tier girl and wanted a part in The Other Boleyn Girl. Thanks to Jason.

Next up are some photo manipulations from Brian.


And finally, something a bit different. Friendly Neighborhood Film Nerd has made a trailer for a sequel to the Professional. You can view the trailer, the poster and the logo.


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  • Marty1984 says:

    Trailer link doesn’t work.
    The url contained a malformed video id.

  • alwaysnat says:

    hey dazza, the link for the trailer doesn’t work ..

  • dazza says:


  • Mockingbird says:

    Glad the site is OK now!

    It’s crazy how that lifecasting rumour has spread all over the internet (I’ve seen it on about 5 different sites) and, unfortunately, a lot of people believe it and are calling her a “sellout”, “famewhore”, etc.

    If this were any other celeb, their ‘people’ would have dealt with a rumour like this immediately through a statement or asking the site to publish a retraction. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that Natalie has some pretty useless PR people. It’s only thanks to lurking and this site and that we know it’s a joke that got out of hand.

  • goya says:

    Lovely photos Brian!

  • JenR1215 says:

    Okay, Mathilda… I’m by fair *ONE of* the biggest fans on Leon (i always hate it when folks claim to be the #1). I didn’t really like the ‘work.’ The poster was too Matrix-like, and the logo was too.. well it wasn’t very Leon/Mathilda-ish.

    Now with the trailer. The thing i didn’t really enjoy about was I’d seen/loved some of the movies in it, and it just didn’t feel right trying to picture them in a different way, (I’m over analytical). But with the movies i weren’t too familiar with, made the trailer seen real and cool… but I don’t understand why some of the shots were even in the trailer. Who knows I’m an Aquarius, my mood change everyday. I may love it to death tomorrow… or in 10 minutes.

    Note to self: If your not a “a huge fan” of a movie.. don’t try to make a trailer for a sequel. Over all, the trailer was very creative, so i give it a nice thumbs up for that.

    I think this is a god reason why I’m starting to not want another Leon made, because i think I’d hope/expect too much, and be disappointed in the end. But if i found out that it was a Mathilda out there, Lord knows I’d be having a record breaking adrenalin rush. I mean, “Scream Heard Round the World.” I’d probably have a heart attack before the movie could even start in the theater.

  • bou says:

    We have an official release date for My Blueberry nights in France: 28 of november. I’m surprised it is not sooner, closer to the Cannes film festival. Usually, it helps movies to have a big impact at the box office. But I heard on TV yesterday that the movie should be shown on a “firt version” at Cannes, and be a little different for the official release… That sounds really strange…

  • Sak says:

    No way that rumor could be true. Natalie was fighting for her privacy since her early teen. You don’t just give up on something like this.

    JenR1215: You are not the only one to feel that the trailer was incoherent because some otherwise familiar shots were totally alien in it. And yes, Leon rocks.

  • plop says:

    Well, I thought the problem was with my conection -after all, the web here was sooo slow-. I don’t like the first two manipulations but the others… And yes, Natalie never looked so Neon as in that poster, he, he… (maybe they mixed both?)
    Don’t apologizes, JenR. Analitical is the french trademark.
    Peace )so good the site is back… there is nothing like a GOOD SCREAM OR REJEEEECTIIIOOOOOON¡¡¡¡¡¡¡)
    Wasn’t it funny to see Jude Law in the trailer?

  • plop says:

    Eerrr… the dumb question of the week. Why i click at the link for the Bjork gallery and i appear at the second page of it, instead of the first?

  • henrik says:

    dear darren, what did you do with my last comment?

  • clone says:

    In the picture, it doesnt look like a wig to me. it looks like they cut her hair short or just combed it to match the way she had it. nice dress I say myself.

    also how could jessica Biel call her a girl. she’s a woman from now on.

    also she has finished the film.

    her birthday is coming dazza, and I was thinking of maybe there should be a banner on the 9th of june celebrating nat’s birthday.