PORTMANIA is okay!


it’s the never fun, always disappointing, slightly boring PORTMANIA 15 DAY 2

if this is your first PORTMANIA “Day Two” is just like “Day One” but it’s a day after. I think by “Day Four” you’ll get the hang of it. (day four is two days from now.)

TODAY the sun shines down and the birds sing. you get out of school early and your work closes down for the day. all the ice cream is free and Natalie Portman walks around the earth making the world NATALIEPORTMANIER. she does this by singing a song so sweet.

and then when you think the day couldn’t possibly get better, what with ice cream and Natalie singing, someone walks by and decides to mow your lawn for you!!!


alright guys let’s get to it.

Today Ana made this fantastic wallpaper out of THIN AIR… and  a little bit of thick air.

2013Portmania (1)th

and then Ana was like “UH-UH. I’ll do better than that!!” and made THIS Magnificent Wallpaper out of peanuts and old napkins.

2013Portmania (2)th

I think Ana is gonna turn out to be the PORTMANIAN HERO of the Year!

time for a NATALIE PORTMAN FACT: (WARNING: Natalie FACTS may be closer than they appear)

Natalie FACT! the song Natalie sings to make the world more natalieportmanish is a song she wrote herself after she ate an apple. I think it goes something like “dum de dum dum da da dee dum dum”

something like that.

the apple was a MAGIC apple made with love and kindness. or she just washed it really good. whatever it was it inspired her to sing and so that guy mowed my lawn. HELL YEAH.

I think this is the end of day two. tomorrow is Friday and so it should be even better than Thursday, right? hopefully Ana will be back with more wallpapers and animated gifs and hopefully a few other people will start sending stuff in too!!! i’ll take anything, really.