Operation: PORTMANIA

By June 5, 2013Site-news

Ladies and Gentlemen if I could have your attention for just ONE moment…. PORTMANIA is about to begin. please turn off all cell phones and leave your screaming children in the car because shit is about to get REAL…


Ana outdid herself with that animated gif….! which I thought was Japanese. but I was fooled….

anyway, アイリス, 菖蒲 PORTMANIA 15.

this week run of five days is PORTMANIA which is our yearly celebration to our devotion to NATALIE PORTMAN 勿忘草 who, as you know, is the star of Natalie Portman.com. it all ends up happening around her BIRTHDAY which will be SUNDAY. since she was born in 1981 that makes her 32. add those two numbers together you get 5. add 10 to that you get 15… and what PORTMANIA is this?!? PORTMANIA 15. not a coincidence!!!

it’s true I’ve done this 15 times now. hooray?

also this week we will celebrate the births of NATALIE’S MOTHER. NATALIE’S HUSBAND. NATALIE’S CHILD. and Johnny Depp.

that’s actually everything I have for today. the gif of Natalie falling down in flowers that’s not Japanese. made by Ana the Great. DAZZA says MORE WILL COME. and I believe him… DO YOU?

Tomorrow day two?! YES. PORTMANIA STRIKES BACK スイートピー


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  • Tim Harris says:

    Mathilda cleaned.

  • Adonis says:

    Yes exactly, Mathilda will clean everything in the second part, “except no women no kids”

  • rryq says:

    You’ve done this 15 times?you’ve been hosting this for 15 years now?Really??? That’s a very long time!
    アイリス? スイートピー??? Are these katakana characters ?

  • Sanjiro says:

    I think it’s actually 14 years. the first year we did PORTMANIA twice. and that was 2000. the Japanese characters I copy/pasted off of a Wikipedia page of Japanese flowers. the first means something like “good tidings, loyalty, happy times” the second means “true love” and the last one means “goodbye” according to the Japanese flower page on Wikipedia.

    • Dazza says:

      Yeah, the first Portmania wasn’t even for her birthday. I was just leaving for a producing course and needed Sanji to cover for me. And thus Portmania was born.