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it’s time to WAKE UP and start the day! we’re on DAY 3.

today is also ALEPH’s birthday!?!

(NOT Natalie Portman’s child)

DAZZA tells me he’s pretty sure it’s today because Ben Millepied said today was it, but the internet says it’s next Friday. and sure, maybe Ben Millepied isn’t the best source for what day his son was born on, but we still think the internet is WRONG.

other birthdays today:
Liam Neeson!
Tom Jones!
Michael Cera!
Mick Foley!

so how are we going to celebrate today?! with a VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE!! HOORAY.

and now, of course, the next wonderful art by Ana.


that’s it for today folks. it’s true. and now it’s time to go back to sleep. tomorrow is Saturday. and who knows what that could mean for PORTMANIA. historically Saturdays have been the most PORTMANIAN of all the PORTMANIA days. we shall see….!