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PORTMANIA in a hurry


and of course no one sent anything in still so it’s just gonna be me rambling on for three paragraphs and then Ana’s wallpaper.

so here is an interview i did with FAKE Natalie Portman.

ME: Natalie, what do you think of this lack of PORTMANIA fan art and activities?
Fake NP: i think it’s bullshit.
ME: at least Ana is making stuff.
Fake NP: right. i’m not really natalie portman, you know.
ME: yes, i know. Thanks for doing this interview. you can get back to delivering the mail now.

Well, actually there will be something else… Adonis sends in this slideshow from the huffington post where you can see natalie from age 12 to 32 and it’s pretty great.

now for ANA’s fantastic fan art

Portmania (3)th

and finally in the “more things change the more they stay the same” department:



i don’t know if anyone noticed the similarities before. but if not this was brought to you by PORTMANIA 15.

Tomorrow! is the last day of PORTMANIA and Natalie’s Birthday! I guess we can get through one more of these, RIGHT?!

crying in my PORTMANIA.