trailer and review


This will be a short but important update. First up is another short teaser trailer for My Blueberry Nights (it follows some footage of Norah, Jude and Wong on the red carpet), which focuses entirely on Natalie and Norah. Natalie looks beautiful and seems to have a really intruiging role. Here is it is – Right Click and Save As

A big thanks to Thierry and thanks to Harper for the first review of the film.

In the words of the reviewer, it is “neither exciting nor disappointing” but Natalie comes out smelling of roses.

The movie is at its liveliest in the next to last reel, in which Elizabeth meets and befriends a cocky gambler and con artist (Natalie Portman, rendering the film’s best performance), who tries to teach Elizabeth her tricks of the trade, only to realize that there’s a lesson or two she herself could learn from her presumably naïve and too trusting companion.

I’ll add more reviews as they arrive throughout the day.