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I’m delighted to finally be able to announce that the forum is now open for business.

The Forum

At the moment there aren’t a list of rules so just use your common sense. I decided to start with just 3 sections (NP,, Off Topic) but if we need to compartmentalize things further down the line then we can easily do so.

I want to thank Samchez who setup the forum for us (and who is staying on as an admin) and Brishen for another great banner and help with the forum buttons.

Hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll see you over there.

Alright, lets move on to the rest of the update.

M5lover found an update on the Paul McCartney music video from

The video for Paul’s UK single ‘Dance Tonight’ is to be premiered in the UK on Channel 4. The video stars Paul, Natalie Portman and Mackenzie Crook and was directed by Michel Gondry.

Date and Time: Wednesday 30th May at 11.50pm

Look out for news of the worldwide online exclusive very soon!

Hopefully that online exclusive will hit during the coming week.


Thierry just found this link, which includes quotes from Michael Chabon that the Kavalier and Clay film might not be totally dead in the water. In fact, producer Scott Rudin is sure it’ll get back on track. If true and if Nat is still involved, this is great news.

There is a new set of pics, that were taken around the 5th of this month, on Rameypix. At the moment we only have thumbs so if someone can hook us up with decent sized versions that would be great. Here are some examples of the set:

Goya’s Ghosts will finally be getting a release in the states in July. I’m not sure how much of a promotional push it’ll get but you can head over here to see a new poster and new trailer. There’s yet another new poster over here, which by my count is the 5th so far. Thanks to Thierry and Celiana.

Jamez sent word that Lycos has compiled a list of the most searched terms relating to Star Wars. Number 1 on the list? See for yourself. That oughta make Clones day.

And finally, two pieces of fanart from Jan-v and from Jeff.


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  • Thea says:

    Oh my! I cant’t belive that. Goya’s Ghosts has been relesed in my little country more than one week ago so sooner than in US. Well now I am for once proud on our local cinematograph. I must say that I have seen the film and it is great historical film about what has been happening in Spain and Europe in the time of inquisition. It is cruel and realistic. And Natalie has done one great job once again.

    Forum looks good. And her new funny faces too =)

  • clone says:

    Oh my gosh, those photo’s of natalie are fantastic cause I love that look and that shirt is simular to a shirt I’ve worn with my geans.

    I know that she and I would get alot of attention if we met and paperatists took pictures of us. I hope it happens.

  • clone says:

    I also think the forum is a good thing cause alot of sights have forums to share there thoughts about certain topics. there’s only one thing missing in the forums, a picture icon, cause in every forum, people can have a picture icon of there choice, and there should be picture icon’s of natalie that we want to choose for our icon.

    see if you can do dazza.
    I also heard that steven spielberg will film a tv seiers of bands of brothers in victoria from augest, and so far natalie is sujested to maybe play a female’s part.

  • unity1 says:

    You see it’s posts like the two Clone makes above which make me refuse to believe that he’s an Australian and that English is his first language. Nope. I think Clone must actually be Nat herself and she’s just been playing a massive and bizarre joke on all of us. Yes.

  • Thom Yorke says:

    I think your on to something Unity.

    That old intro was great, particually for the use of Sigur Ros.