cuts and lies


Well the forum is going along very nicely so far. We’re almost up to 600 posts and 163 users. Not bad for 2 days.

At the moment there is a thread about Developing, Natalie’s second film. It was a short and is VERY rare indeed. Well it turns out that our very own Mart has a VHS copy of the film but is unable to encode it for the site. He is willing to send it to someone if they can do the encoding and upload it for everyone here to enjoy.

If you think you have the capabilities, head over to this thread and let us know.

I now have 7 very nice wallpapers for the battle. When I wake up tomorrow morning the battle will go up so if you want to partake you have till then.

In the news, M5Lover found that the Paul McCartney music video will be premiering on youtube on the 23rd (Wednesday). I’m really looking forward to how that turned out. Here’s hoping she isn’t sucking face with Paul. Yes, I’m six.

M5Lover has also cracked the mystery of the bandaids, although most of you figured it out anyway. They were shots for her Africa visit this summer. More specifically, when she goes to Rwanda to shoot an animal documentary with Jack Hanna.

Natalie Portman had former model Nathan Bogle on her right arm and two Band-Aids on her left arm at the recent Lower Manhattan Cultural Council benefit at 7 World Trade Center. She’d gotten shots that day to prepare for a trip this summer to Africa.


Hannah sent in a V promo pic that I don’t think we have.

And finally, Amy sent in a fantastic wallpaper of Nat and her significant other.

Seeya tomorrow bright and early