she’s back!


Well after the longest holiday in the history of mankind, it seems Natalie is finally back.

It seems Natalie attended Paul McCartney’s birthday party. If you can send in better quality images please let me know.


Thanks to Jenski and thanks to Nat for lifting the gloom.


Pasha has added a gallery with some new watermark free images

Speaking of the holiday, there was an IMDB Maldives “sighting” on Nat’s birthday. It’s probably BS but you never know. Thanks to Pasha for that.

Pasha has also updated 3 great galleries with some new additions.

GS LA Premiere
GS NY Premiere
V4V UK Premiere

And you will now see that Pasha has been added to the staff page. Head over there to find out a bit more about her.

Before they went up on the Myspace page, the first two FINCA video diaries leaked to youtube. I think they were since taken down but for those who missed it, here is the second of Natalie’s video diaries. Thanks to Hamshel.

Next up is a sneaky fan photo of Natalie in the Chez
Panisse Restaurant in CA. It’s quite blurry but definitely looks like Nat. Thanks to Miller.

Celiana found this article about Natalie’s neuroscience paper from Harvard.

And finally, here is some Beautiful Girls fanart from Steel Dragon.

The last thing I want to mention is the official site for the film, Lullabye Before I Wake, which was written and directed by Nate, our former NP.comic artist. Congrats man, it looks awesome!